share pictures of My little family, from the picture of  My Father, My Mother, My Elder Sister, Me and My Younger Sister.

This was taken when the moment of Eid Mubarak 1433 Hijri Year. I forgot the rest of it. hehehe

in addition, I’ll tell you a little about how they are and what they are.


first, this is my family, complete..

and this addition, with My Younger Brother..


Please introduce, He’s my father.

Mr. Supardi his name. My father was born in   Cirebon, He really like Cheribon, unlike Me and my two sisters who grew up in the capital.

My father, I am so proud of him. his job is as a furniture craftsman, I really like all of his work, very nice and I’m glad to hear that his work is exclusive.

Like other girls, who want to have a husband like a father figure. I such, like a husband like my father figure.


I hope God give you health always, until you see your grandchildrens someday.


This next, is My Mother.

Ms. Sasih is the name of my mother, born in the city of Cirebon, too. hehehe just different blocks with my father.
no different from my father, my mother was really the original Cirebon.

I’m also proud of my mother, and was very fond of she. my mother sometimes worked as a maid, and yet I felt that my mother was a very meaningful and influential to my life in this world. I liked all the food made, ah well not everything, not just food that I like, so good at cooking.


I thank you for giving birth to this world, raised me up like this, I hope mom is always healthy so I can continue to serve you and your happiness, with dad too, of course.


Further! This My Elder Sister.

Her name Nurhayati. “Nuy” prefers when called. differ only about 3 years old with me. We always look like twins when minor, hahaha always wear the same shoes, the same clothes and other things, but not now and then, we have grown up and realized that. lol

We are also the same as the other brethren, have a conflict and so on. I know she was so loved me as a sister, and I love her. she stubborn, funny, loyal about money, hahaha


Wish you could marry a good man, from the appearance and character.


It’s Me.

     I was born in Cirebon, both my sisters are the same. grew up in the capital, but I can language a little area of my birth.

Know my name right? my Realname? :/

Talked a lot about myself, I guess it kinda sounded arrogant. Let others talk about how I was and what kind of character I am. it was great!

I’m trying to love myself, with be grateful for what God has given me.




Furthermore, this is My Lil Sister.

My sister her name Suparia. calls home is Yaya, while her friend called Ria, and so on. Different with her about 6 years old. she just like me, buff korea too, so there is a friend sharing stories about it.

Because the age difference is quite a lot as well with me and my sister, so the three of us have always argued, is rare to have the same thoughts. I think she was a bit stingy, hehehe. want a lot of things for free, ckckck. I hope she can slightly change a bad attitude.

even so, I STILL LOVE YOU the sweet little sister.

Your sister is, hope you can realize all your dreams, one of them a concert your favorite idol group later.


This extra is My Younger Brother.

My little brother’s named Supriyadi, calling Upi. in my family, I dont have a man other than my father. so my parents made ​​the third son of my aunt and uncle as their child, their son.

as childhood he was so cute and adorable, like a little angel. but as he grows, huh?! was changed, he mischievous, mischievous and mischievous, so hard to educate him, and turned into a little devil. hehehe

Current (2012) he did not live with my family, but with her family in Cirebon. I feel proud of him now, as he turns back into a good and obedient.


Your sister pray that you continue widened good boy, and both your family to be happy.

some photos, is family…






For me, my family is everything to the world. for the hereafter, I hope we can still meet, although will be busy with their own business.

I pray for us, that Allah always gives happiness to us now and later, health is always within us, as well an abundance of sustenance and favors of Allah was not lost for our families.

Love your family, then God will love you and your family.